Design, build, and test apps without surprises
Capture and communicate the essential story of your application

Customers need apps they can use. But the path from finding out what the customer needs to delivering it successfully can be a hard one. Avoid surprises with a platform that lets you capture user narratives and flows and transform them into accountable requirements, specifications and automated tests that drive your project to success.

Build usable apps with an Enterprise UX platform

Enterprise UX is about driving all requirements and activities to one necessary goal: delivering an application that people will be able to use to get their job done. CoNarrative is the platform that brings your team together to deliver a positive user experience quickly and cleanly without waste.

Empower the team

Bring everyone together to speak a common visual language that expresses what the user needs. Empower stakeholders and customers with full visibility into what is being designed, built and tested. Bring together teams distributed around the globe and put them on the fast track to getting it done right the first time.

"CoNarrative has revolutionized our software consulting business. By removing all ambiguity between project stakeholders, the CoNarrative design platform has enabled us to deliver successful, cost-effective product launches for several major clients in record time.”

Industrial-strength Enterprise UX
Stop designing screens. Start designing user flows.

Wireframes are waste unless they tell a story you can run with. Consumer UX tools tend to produce beautiful wireframes that don’t actually spell out step-by-step what’s needed to get the job done. CoNarrative cuts right to getting your story straight.

Keep consistent at enterprise scale with reusable screens and story logic

CoNarrative storyboards aren't separate drawings like in wireframe tool. They are live, logical simulations of the user flows that you need to build. Update a screen and watch it intelligently cascade updates across hundreds of story frames (so you don't have to).

Deliver what developers need

CoNarrative is designed to capture specifications in a way developers can use. Build and name screens, tabs, panels and keep them organized in an element tree that models your app. Give developers the organized set of assets they need to get immediately into production. Integrate with agile platforms like JIRA and Pivotal Tracker and get the app built without the pain of "but I thought you meant...".

At last, requirements everyone can follow
Fast intelligent storyboarding

Move beyond wireframes, prototypes, and text to a fully scalable walk-through of the ins and outs of your application using an automated logical storyboard. Capture requirements from the user's perspective. Show step-by-step how the user is going to successfully navigate your app and business process to achieve their goals. Update once and watch as changes intelligently update the right drawing so you don't have to.

Fully collaborative

Review and update in real-time. Add comments in the context of the relevant story so that everyone stays focused on solving the problem at hand.

Map your As is / To Be Business processes

Capture not just the application, but how it will interact with it's larger environment. Create narratives that are converted into storyboards that show step-by-step data flows and interactions that go beyond the edge of the UI.

“CoNarrative makes it fast and easy to design new features, get stakeholder feedback, and iterate on them. It is built with user story planning at its core and has become the main tool our team uses to communicate about functionality.”

Painless functional testing
Test your design automatically

There's another name for step-by-step user flows; it's "test cases". Use CoNarrative to design your application flows up-front, then watch as it automatically runs your app through functional/integration tests and reports the results. This isn't screen-recording technology - it's designing the tests before your app is even built so you can nail it out the gate.

Empower stakeholders

Stakeholders can now see the user acceptance criteria up-front that defines a successful application. Better, they can guarantee that the functional tests that validate the criteria are always up, running, and accessible for visual review.

Build tests for the long haul

CoNarrative's unique test approach lets you get maximum test coverage for minimal input. Keep your tests current with a minimum of fuss.

Visual documentation
High-end documentation for your app is included

The best documentation is highly visual step-by-step infographics. Unfortunately that's usually out of reach. The taggable and searchable CoNarrative platform automatically captures and delivers the high-end visual documentation you need.

Cover the life of your product

Today's continuously-improved enterprise applications will last for years. In that time, product experts and developers will come and go. Leverage CoNarrative's scalable, searchable, maintainable visual platform to record the intended use of your application so that you are safe and good to go for the lifetime of your application.

Real-time cloud collaboration
Keep your designs safe, secure, and shareable in the cloud

CoNarrative is a secure cloud-based platform built for the enterprise. Don't worry about expensive, updates to expensive internally-installed tools locked behind firewalls. Make sure your designs are always available wherever your team is located.

Update and review designs and stories in real-time

What's better than finding a shortcoming in the design for follow-up? Being able to correct it in real-time and ask "is this what you meant?" Cut through the back-and-forth and get down to business with real-time collaboration.

Comment, annotate, manage

CoNarrative is your social platform for collaborating on building user-centric applications. Comment and communicate not on abstract requirements and screens, but right in the heart of the user stories that you are bringing to life.

About CoNarrative
Solving customer problems

We at CoNarrative are a group of developers, architects, UX designers, PMs, and analysts that solve customer problems. We founded CoNarrative because we were tired of running into the same communication issues around requirements and specifications time and time again. Existing tools only cover parts of the problem; we wanted to solve it at the root.


Application design problems? Let us help. We have deep expertise in enterprise UX, enterprise architecture, Lean/Agile, NodeJS, .Net, Java, big data, and visualizations. With the CoNarrative platform, we can quickly help you define and capture your requirements, and then help turn them into reality. Whether you just need analysis and UX, or need further help setting up your application architecture and methodology so you can go faster, contact us at

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