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Screen Routine

A hardware and software solution designed to allow parents the ability to manage and supervise their children's chores and activities.

May 8, 2019
Screen Routine


Screen Routine gives parents the ability to manage and supervise their children's chores and activities through a simplistic, intuitively designed interface. The application is paired along with a physical device that attaches to common media devices such as TV's and computers, giving full control over what appears on the screen. The application is centered around what we call routines. Routines are parent-defined tasks that remind and tell a child on their device that it is time to perform a certain activity such as homework, chores, or bedtime.

Home at-a-glance

The Home screen is where a user navigates to other features of the app and displays essential information needed to visualize the current state of a child's progress and scheduled routines.

Routines, routines, routines

Routines are the hallmark around managing a child's productivity and free time. Creating a routine is done through a simple system where a parent easily defines tasks and time of occurrence. Once created, they can be freely assigned to one or more children.

Device management

This is where a parent may manage their physical dongles and determine when to enable/disable the device, overriding any routine that has been scheduled.

Routine assignment

A household can consist of many scheduled activities and routines, as well as the number of children. In this set of screens, a parent can view or make changes to routines they have created, when they are taking place, and whom they are assigned to.

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